Jenelle Evans Only Staying on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Because She’s Broke?

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Is she desperate?

Whether talking about A-listers or Z-listers, there’s one thing most people think of when they think of celebrities: money. Although the Teen Mom cast members’ paychecks weren’t huge at the outset, as their fame grows, so do their wallets. Now, the girls reportedly make upwards of $50,000 each episode, which means they should be set for life if they manage their money correctly. Right?

Well, money management isn’t exactly everyone’s forte.

Having financial problems can be a very humbling experience, and for someone like Jenelle Evans, it’s probably not something she wants to advertise. Even so, many of Jenelle’s fans think they’ve seen through some of her recent actions — and they think that she might be covering up some serious problems in her bank account.

jenelle in mirror

Source: Instagram @j_evans1219