Total Breakdown? Farrah Goes Off in Another Rant About Teen Mom Executives

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Is she losing it?

When Farrah Abraham is angry, she’s livid. Not many people would want to be on the business end of one of Farrah’s more furious moments, having seen how bad they can be. Unlike some of her co-stars, Farrah doesn’t fight with fists. The mother-of-one fights with words, and they can seriously cut deep.

Now, Farrah may have met her match. She’s not just fighting with Debra or Simon this time around. Instead, she’s putting her dukes up against MTV, Viacom, and Teen Mom executive Morgan J. Freeman.

Has Farrah’s recent behavior revealed her to be less of a fighter and more of a person in an all-out downward spiral? Farrah has now gone on yet another rant against MTV for “fake firing” her, and fans are starting to wonder if she’s beginning to crack!

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Source: YouTube @FarrahAbraham