Inside Source Claims David Is Just Using Jenelle for Her Money and Fame!

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She begs Babs to keep Jace away!

It’s no secret that being a reality star comes with money, fame, and attention. Despite how down-to-earth some of the girls are, they’re living a different lifestyle from their average viewer. Even though they may not be the biggest Hollywood celebs out there, they’re undeniably celebrities in their own circles — and they get the perks. With all of those benefits, there are bound to be those who just want to use them to get rich and famous themselves.

Many of the girls have insisted that they don’t want to date anyone who just wants to be on TV, but it isn’t always easy to tell what someone really wants. It takes someone pretty scummy to fake romantic emotions just to get rich and famous, and it takes an even worse person to get married just for all that it comes with! Could David Eason be guilty of doing just that?

This inside source (who is allegedly close with Jenelle, David, and Barbara) seems to think so — and they opened up about it in a tell-all Instagram comment! In fact, they are leveling some horrible accusations against David, and warning Jenelle to get out while she still can.

jenelle and david

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