Jenelle Hits Her Own Mother and MORE Co-Stars With a Cease and Desist!

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She's pulling out the big guns!

Jenelle Evans is going on a cease and desist rampage, and she’s not taking any prisoners. It seems that a huge number of her co-stars have gotten under her skin to the point that she’s taking legal actions against them — even implying potential lawsuit threats.

It’s not uncommon for Jenelle to be feuding with one person or another. Most commonly, she’s seen fighting her baby daddies, but now, she’s going after anyone and everyone who has ever done her wrong. The star seems to be trying to shut down all of her feuds by taking them to the law.

Jenelle has spent the past few days slapping her co-stars with cease and desist letters, but now she’s really bringing out the big guns! Among her growing list of legal filings is one against her own mother, Barbara Evans.

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Credit: MTV