TRYING to Get Fired?! Jenelle’s Controversial Political Update Could Seal Her Fate With MTV

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She's pushing all their buttons!

Jenelle Evans has been a controversial member of the Teen Mom 2 cast since day one. Whether it’s fighting with her mother for custody of her son or going from “soulmate” to “soulmate,” all of her choices create divides in the fanbase. There are those who love Jenelle and defend all of her decisions, but there are also those who can’t stand any of her life updates.

Even though this may create a divide in the fanbase, it’s nothing but good for MTV. The more fans talk about her, the more want to watch the show! But lately, Jenelle has been putting up a fight against the very network that employs her.

MTV already showed that they’re not playing around when they gave David Eason the boot. Now, it’s clear that Jenelle is on the cutting block, too.

You’d think that would make her lay low and keep quiet until she’s sure she has her job — but apparently she’s planning just the opposite! She’s just revealed a controversial political move that’s part of the reason she got into hot water to begin with!


Credit: MTV