Fans Question Ensley’s Safety After Jenelle Shares THIS Shocking Photo

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WTF Jenelle?!

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what’s going on in the Teen Mom cast member’s lives between filming. We go from seeing them day in and day out and knowing their struggles and challenges to having to get all of our information from their social media alone. Right now MTV is following the Teen Mom OG cast as the season comes to its end, meaning a lot of the Teen Mom 2 cast’s lives is a bit of a mystery.

Considering how much has been going down with Jenelle, fans are growing impatient to see what’s going on on “The Land.” With David Eason recently fired and Jenelle’s own job up in the air, things might not be as picture perfect as her Instagram shots suggest.

Now, fans are beginning to wonder if Jenelle has truly gone too far. Maybe the stress from all of the drama and fighting has gotten to her and David, but now it seems that it could be affecting Ensley. Whatever their reason for sharing this photo, many fans found it upsetting while others found it downright disturbing.

jenelle and ensley

Source: Instagram @j_evans1219