Jenelle SLAMMED After Posting This Scary Picture of Kaiser

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Will she defend herself?

Like many of her Teen Mom co-stars, Jenelle Evans is never one to back down from a fight. Even though this trait has gotten her a huge amount of admiration from her ever-growing fanbase, it has also gotten her into her fair share of trouble, including assault charges taken up against her by Nathan Griffith and his now ex-girlfriend. It’s true that sometimes Jenelle’s headstrong nature proves her strength and bravery, but in this incident, all it seems to be doing is upsetting her fans.

While Jenelle’s MTV employment is up in the air, she’s sharing exactly what’s going down on her and David’s property AKA “The Land.” A recent snap of her son Kaiser that she shared is stirring the pot again, and this might be fans’ final straw with Jenelle.

jenelle crying

Credit: MTV