“He Threatened Me!”: Maci Reveals Ryan’s Threats Over Bentley

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Things are getting serious!

No matter how mature sixteen-year-olds might feel, it’s generally too young to make serious decisions about life in the long term. But when the cast of Teen Mom found themselves pregnant in their mid-teens, they had no choice but to make some of the hardest decisions they would ever be faced with. Although the cast has come a long way since their debut on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, it’s impossible to say that they haven’t made any mistakes along the way. Not to mention that when you make a decision about pregnancy, that decision is permanent.

Way back in the day, Maci Bookout made the decision to keep her first son, Bentley, and try her best to raise him alongside her boyfriend, Ryan Edwards. Maci’s love for her son makes it clear she made the right decision in keeping him, but keeping things up with Ryan was another story altogether. They split soon after their son was born.

Just because Maci isn’t dating Ryan doesn’t mean he’s entirely out of her life. Because he’s still the father of her child, Maci has to see Ryan on a regular basis in order to co-parent with him… but apparently Ryan hasn’t been too happy with her methods lately.

In fact, things between them seem to be getting worse than ever. Maci has just revealed that Ryan has been threatening her in order to see his son.


Credit: MTV