Looks Like Maci and Ryan are Hanging Out Again!

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They made up!

We all know that sometimes, making friends with an ex is not the easiest thing to do. Then again, when you’re a star on Teen Mom, the fact that all of your personal drama with your ex is publicly aired at all times makes it even more difficult. There are some cast members who may never be able to stop feuding with their exes, which is particularly difficult when those exes are the fathers of their children.

Just because Maci Bookout has never been one of the more dramatic cast members doesn’t mean things are peachy keen between her and her ex, Ryan Edwards. When Ryan’s addiction problems came to light, Maci was brought to her wit’s end while she struggled to co-parent with her ex.

Now it looks like the two are finally on good terms again. In fact, they’re about to be hanging out with one another very soon!


Credit: MTV