Ryan Edwards Takes a Drug Test on Air After Maci Bans Him From Seeing Bently!

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He wants his son back!

When Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards first found out they were going to be having a son, they probably never expected things to turn out the way they did. When they’re son arrived, they tried their best to make their relationship work… but as we’ve seen time and time again on Teen Mom, just because you have a child with someone doesn’t mean that you’re meant to be with them for the rest of your life. True, Maci and Ryan probably never foresaw their eventual breakup, but one thing that was almost definitely off their radar was Ryan’s eventual decline into drug addiction.

Ryan’s dependency on drugs was something that was swept under the rug by many who knew him, and it wasn’t until recently that he publicly acknowledged his problem. As we all know, though, acknowledging the problem isn’t a magic fix that makes it go away. After going through rehab, Ryan is still struggling with addiction, and it’s affecting his relationship with his son and baby mama.

Recently, Maci banned Ryan from seeing their son until he could pass a drug test. Now, the moment of truth is here: Ryan is taking a follicle test to prove that he’s clean — but even he isn’t very confident that he’ll pass.

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Credit: MTV