Javi Confesses He Wants to Raise Lux as His Own!

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Are these two getting back together?!

Kailyn Lowry’s relationship with Javi Marroquin is a long and complicated story that most people in the fanbase don’t seem to really understand. It’s understandable to not get it. Javi and Kailyn change their story and their feelings seemingly every time they get in front of a camera, sending mixed signals to their viewers and each other.

Right now, Javi Marroquin is dating Briana DeJesus, but even that story is pretty complicated. Although Javi and Briana have been flirting nonstop on Twitter and spending time together in person, Briana DeJesus denied that they were officially dating! Talk about a messy love triangle.

Now, it’s getting even messier.

During the reunion specials, the Teen Mom cast tends to drop some serious truth bombs, sometimes without even meaning to. Kailyn dropped a huge bombshell during the “Unseen Moments” episode of Teen Mom 2. Even though things seem to be going well between Javi and Briana, he might still have feelings for his ex-wife. Kailyn revealed that he confessed to her that he wanted to raise Lux as his own!

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Credit: MTV