Moving Too Fast? Javi and Briana Celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday as a Family!

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Could they be confusing their children?

Not a lot of people can understand the experience of being a reality TV star — and maybe that’s why they all understand each other so much. That’s one theory as to why Briana and Javi hit it off so well. Under other circumstances, their relationship might not be so scandalous, but the fact that Javi is the ex-husband of Briana’s co-star Kailyn makes things extremely awkward to say the least.

Then again, Briana and Javi have never been the types of people who back down from a challenge, and it seems that they’re going to stick to their relationship despite the barrage of hate that they’re getting. In fact, it appears that Briana has been fighting it out with fans on a nightly basis on Twitter, defending her choices and opinions when it comes to Javi.

One thing that the Teen Moms are constantly criticized for is bringing too many father figures into their children’s lives which fans claim can lead to a confusing childhood. Kailyn was called out for this after Isaac’s heartbreak at losing his step-father, which was immediately followed by her moving on with Chris Lopez.

Now, Briana is facing similar backlash… and with one of the same men! Are Javi and Briana moving way too quickly, and confusing their children when it comes to parent figures? This recent update has fans alleging just that.

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