Farrah Claims Her Notorious Fist Fight With Amber Was Staged by MTV!

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All Faked For Views!

Even though many viewers legitimately love to watch the cast members learn and grow, at the end of the day, there’s one reason why Teen Mom is so popular: the drama. If the show simply featured nine twenty-something mothers who were happy, healthy, and got along with their families all the time, it isn’t likely that many people would tune in. Drama certainly pays, but just how far would MTV go to get those views?

Through the years, there have been numerous rumors about parts of Teen Mom being fake or staged, but could one of the most iconic moments the show has ever seen be entirely faked? According to Farrah Abraham, it was.

Farrah and Amber made headlines far and wide when they got into a violent fight during a reunion special. After Farrah called Matt Baier a pedophile, Amber stormed onto the stage and tried to punch Farrah in the face. The altercation only ended when security got involved!

Now, Farrah is making a serious accusation by claiming that the notorious fight was completely staged. She says that MTV faked the interaction just to boost viewership!

amber and farrah

Credit: MTV