“Fake” ‘Teen Mom’ Scenes Revealed

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How much of it is real?

Any filmmaker will tell you that the art of film is essentially the art of manipulation. Even the most realistic feeling movies and TV shows are, at their core, products of emotional cajoling through various techniques and that is all the more true when it comes to reality TV. Sure, it’s supposed to be… well, real, but the truth is that often times “reality shows” present a heavily altered version of the real events they depict. What actually makes it to screens can be easily manipulated through editing, music choices, and even things as simple as what the producers and editors choose to include and what they leave out. These techniques, which are used liberally in reality TV, can effortlessly put a different spin on the “real” events depicted on the show.

Unfortunately, this applies to Teen Mom as much as it does to any other reality show. In fact, there have been numerous times in the past that the cast members have spoken out about their discontent with the way they have been portrayed in the show, claiming that editing and manipulation has made the events look different from how they really happened. Now, the accusations are heating up, which has fans concerned about whether what they see is an accurate representation of their favorite stars’ lives.

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Credit: MTV