Farrah Announces She ISN’T Fired From ‘Teen Mom!’

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She's here to stay!

Farrah Abraham has a number of Teen Mom firsts under her belt. She was the first (and only) Mom to star in an adult video, to create a line of adult toys modeled after her own anatomy, and to star on a cam show where she got off for camera. But one of the most significant firsts she announced was that she was the first Teen Mom cast members to ever be fired from the show!

Right before performing her second cam show (this time a “back door” edition), Farrah went on Instagram Live to announce that MTV had fired her from Teen Mom because of her activity in the adult entertainment industry. It affected her so much, in fact, that she had a meltdown and didn’t end up performing the much anticipated (?) cam show at all! But now, her story has changed.

Farrah took to Facebook and Snapchat to update her fans with her current situation. Now, she claims that the firing was “fake,” but has let loose on the production and executive staff of Teen Mom, accusing them of sexism and even hate crimes!

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Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images