Fans Think Picture Is Proof Jenelle and David Abuse Kaiser

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They're calling her out!

We all know that things can get a little tense when it comes to the Eason family. Throughout her years on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle has been filmed screaming and fighting more times than can be counted. Recently, many fans have begun to think that there’s more going on in the family than just bad tempers — and they think it’s something far more sinister.

Rumors of abuse are nothing new when it comes to Jenelle and her family, but ever since she was formally accused of abusing Kaiser by Nathan’s mother, fans have been looking for signs that the accusations are true. Now, many think they’ve found evidence that there is abuse going on in a picture Jenelle posted to her own Instagram.

jenelle with kaiser and ensley on mother's day

Source: Instagram @j_evans1219