OMG! Court Demands Jenelle Undergo Drug Tests to Keep Kaiser

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Things are looking bad!

On some level, it seems that Jenelle Evans has everything in her life pulled together. Her wedding date is swiftly approaching, she’s the mother of three healthy children, and she’s even recently regained more custody of her first son, Jace. However, recent reports have suggested that things in Jenelle’s life might not be as crystal clear as they seem.

Reports have recently surfaced that Jenelle may have put her daughter, Ensley, at risk before she was even born. Jenelle’s ex Nathan’s mother, Doris Davidson, has taken her accusations to court, claiming that Jenelle was using drugs during her pregnancy. Now, amidst these serious accusations, Jenelle has finally spoken out with her side of the story.

jenelle and ensley

Source: Instagram @j_evans1219