Jenelle’s Battle With Nathan for Kaiser’s Custody Isn’t Over Yet!

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The battle rages on!

Fans can likely all agree that Jenelle’s longest lasting difficulty is her feud with her mother, Barbara, over the custody of her son Jace. We’ve seen Jenelle go to some serious lengths to get Jace back. Because nothing has worked, she’s essentially cut her mother entirely out of her life until her son is returned.

It’s obvious that having custody of her children is extremely important to Jenelle, which is why she’s working so hard for Jace. However, until lately, she probably never thought she was at risk of losing her second son, Kaiser.

Recently, an attempt at gaining custody of Kaiser has come out of left field — not from Jenelle’s ex and Kaiser’s father Nathan Griffith, but from Nathan’s mother! Although the custody battle of the ages seemed to die out as of late, now it looks like Jenelle hasn’t seen the end of this new attempt.

jenelle and kaiser wedding day

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