Catelynn Lowell’s Suicidal Struggles Revealed

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She was in a dark place

When your career is being a reality star, you essentially make an agreement to publicize the most private elements of your life. In some ways, the Teen Mom cast members may not be particularly happy about this ― when secrets or rumors about them start to spread ― but Catelynn Lowell has always made an effort to make her life an example for others. Perhaps that’s why she’s been open about her recent decision to get treatment for her suicidal thoughts.

Discussing mental health is never particularly easy thanks to centuries of stigma, but Catelynn recently opened up about a very difficult decision she made. The star decided to enter treatment after having persistent suicidal thoughts. Catelynn has struggled with mental illness throughout the years, and the truth is that most people don’t wake up one day in a deep depression. More often, it is a slow decline that happens over time. Many with mental health issues become pros at hiding their problems. Now, fans are getting an inside look into Catelynn’s long term struggles with her mental health.

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Credit: MTV