Briana Considers Adoption for Stella, Asks Catelynn and Tyler for Advice!

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She went to the experts!

When they first found out they were pregnant, all of the members of the Teen Mom cast were faced with an extremely difficult decision. Like most teenagers who are faced with unexpected pregnancies, they were no doubt asked the same question repeatedly by friends and family: “Are you going to keep the baby?”

Although the majority of the Teen Mom cast members decided to keep custody of their children, that’s not the reality for every single girl who becomes pregnant while she’s still in high school. Many who find themselves in this situation find alternatives, opting for abortion or adoption.

Until this season, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were the only ones who went down the road of giving their baby up. After deliberation, they decided to choose adoption for their first biological child, Carly. Although they still have contact with Carly sometimes, she is in the care of another family.

Now, Catelynn and Tyler are no longer the only ones to consider adoption. Briana DeJesus had adoption on her mind throughout her entire pregnancy. So, who better to discuss it with than those who have experienced it firsthand?

Briana took all of her questions straight to the source when she went to Catelynn and Tyler for advice, and the rest is history.

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