Tyler Goes Partying After Catelynn’s Suicide Announcement, Gets Called Out for Using the “N” Word

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Fans are not happy about this one...

Much like any other clinical illness, depression can take a toll on various aspects of a sufferer’s life. In Catelynn Lowell’s case, the illness has caused her to recently check into treatment for her suicidal thoughts, taking a break to work on herself.

However, it can also affect those closest to the sufferer. Many relatives find themselves looking on helplessly as those with depression struggle against their dark thoughts. Mental illness can be devastating, even on those who aren’t directly afflicted with the illness.

We all have our own ways of coping with difficult times, and it’s impossible to know what’s going on in someone’s head just through social media. Even so many fans are incensed with Tyler Baltierra’s recent activities in the wake of Catelynn’s announcement after the star has been posting about partying and even getting caught using the n-word!

tyler baltierra looking sad

Credit: MTV