Watch the Real Reason Farrah Was Fired in This Shocking Video

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Some questions have been answered!

Being in the Teen Mom fanbase means having to hear numerous sides to every story. It can be interesting to know all of the cast members’ current life events and updates, and then see them all air on the television show months later in a completely different way. After all, the truth in storylines like Kailyn’s pregnancy or Amber and Matt’s breakup was hard to find until the episode aired and cleared things up.

One of the most confusing recent events in the fanbase still leaves a host of questions for fans. In September, Farrah announced shocking news that she had been fired from MTV… but since then, the story as to why has been changing numerous times down the road.

Now, everything is getting cleared up as to why Farrah’s job was in jeopardy, as footage of the moment she went head-to-head with executive producer Morgan J. Freeman, and why he chose to fire her has now been released.

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Source: YouTube @FarrahAbraham