Seriously Hurting? Sophia Reveals Unsettling Behavior in This Unseen Clip

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Is She Okay?

We’ve all seen what being famous from a young age can do to people. Sure, many child stars grow up to be well-adjusted and stable adults, but just as many go on to lead difficult lives with their names in headlines constantly for a variety of erratic behavior. The young cast of Teen Mom has an even more extreme experience when it comes to child stardom, as most of them have been on camera since the literal second they were born.

Many of the cast members have done what they can to make sure that their children grow up humble and stable, like Gary Shirley, who constantly reminds his daughter Leah that her family is no different just because they’re on TV. Then, there’s Farrah Abraham, who has an entirely approach to parenting.

Sophia has had a very unique upbringing, and has been the center of parenting scandals from the day she was born. Is it possible that all of this is taking a serious toll on her mental health? This recent clip from Teen Mom OG is pretty difficult to watch, and it might reveal a seriously messed up state from Sophia.

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