Fans Furious That Link to Farrah’s Adult Videos Was Tweeted From Sophia’s Account!

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They're livid!

Farrah Abraham is all about being proud of her body and what she does with it. A veteran of the adult entertainment industry, Farrah has been making a living with her curves ever since her first adult video came out. Even though she initially denied that she was an adult entertainer, she’s since embraced the role, starring in cam shows and even launching a line of adult toys modeled after her own anatomy.

It goes without saying that not everyone feels the same about Farrah’s decision. While some support her doing whatever she wants with her body, others think that she should focus on raising Sophia. Then again, no matter your personal views on Farrah’s career choices, er recent behavior probably crosses a line.

The only way Farrah has successfully built her brand is through marketing, and she’s mastered down numerous outlets to do so. From having appearances at strip clubs to endorsing lingerie lines, she’s done whatever it takes to get her name out there. But now, she pushed the envelope even further: having Sophia tweet a link to her adult video.

Needless to say, fans are not happy about the move…

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Source: Instagram @sophialabraham