Farrah SLAMMED for Posting “Suggestive” Pictures and Videos of 8-Year-Old Sophia!

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Fans are super uncomfortable!

There’s no question that Farrah Abraham isn’t afraid of showing off what she’s got — and we mean all of what she’s got. She’s shared every inch of her surgically enhanced body over the years, making numerous adult appearances and doing some very X-rated activities in front of the camera. For those who don’t approve of Farrah’s lifestyle, there’s normally one thing that they cite: the fact that Farrah is a mother, and her daughter is exposed to all of her decisions.

Sophia Abraham follows in Farrah’s footsteps in many ways. They have similar personalities, no-nonsense attitudes, and, well, they both love being the center of attention. Now, some people are worried that Sophia might be following Farrah down a road an eight-year-old shouldn’t even know about — or worse, that Farrah is leading her down that path.

Many fans were upset ― even disgusted ― with the images and videos that Farrah has allowed her daughter to post recently… and are furious with Farrah for letting her daughter be featured in such “suggestive” images.

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Source: Instagram @farrah__abraham