Photo Proves Jenelle Is Being Abused?!

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These photos suggest that!

Despite accusations about misleading editing, the heart of Teen Mom is an attempt to show the real lives of girls who became pregnant at a young age. With that in mind, MTV has chronicled some of the darkest points of the girls’ lives. From drug addiction to domestic abuse to abortions, the cameras haven’t stopped rolling during the worst moments in their journeys.

So if domestic abuse is happening on camera, it’s unlikely that MTV won’t film it… or air it. In fact, fans have begun to believe that the relationship between David Eason and Jenelle Evans is abusive, though nothing major has been caught on MTV’s camera. Fans (and those close to Jenelle) find David to be controlling and volatile, and some have even agreed with Barbara in saying that David is the worst man Jenelle has dated. But now a photo has surfaced that purports to prove that David has physically abused his new wife.

jenelle and david

Source: Instagram @j_evans1219