Is Jenelle’s New Makeup Line Just a Ripoff of Other Products?

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Fans are angry!

Sometimes, it seems that Jenelle Evans can’t do anything without facing criticism. Many a time, her most innocent seeming social media updates have been flooded with a barrage of complaints. Jenelle’s biggest fans will defend her, saying she doesn’t deserve all of the hate — but if this new update is true, they might be singing a different tune.

Not unlike her Teen Mom co-stars, Jenelle Evans has tried her hand at starting a side job on top of her Teen Mom appearances. She’s recently launched an original cosmetics line, and has been posting about it on all of her social media accounts to much success. Unfortunately, rumors are going around that Jenelle has been faking all of her products.

Some are accusing Jenelle of ripping off other companies and taking all of the credit for them, and if this rumor is true, Jenelle will have a lot of VERY unhappy customers!

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Source: Instagram @j_evans1219