MTV Has OFFICIALLY Cancelled This ‘Teen Mom’ Series!

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It's officially over!

Premiering in 2009, Teen Mom OG has been on television for almost a decade. Teen Mom 2 followed closely behind, premiering in 2011. The shows have both had very successful runs, and as the girls grew out of their teenage years and into their 20s and adulthood, they became celebrities in their own right. They’ve dished up some serious drama, feuds, and relationship problems over the years, and it looks like their lives aren’t getting less crazy any time soon.

In a perfect world, Teen Mom would keep airing on MTV forever. But the truth is, that’s just not realistic! After all, the show is called Teen Mom and already features girls in their 20s — there probably isn’t a market for a show about suburban middle-aged moms.

But no one expected this Teen Mom series to get the axe so quickly. Fans were shocked and disappointed that this series has officially been canceled by MTV.

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Credit: MTV