Is ‘Teen Mom’ Coming to an End? Amber, Maci, and Chelsea Talk Possible Spin-Offs!

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Is it time to say goodbye?!

Die hard Teen Mom fans might not want to think about it, but the end of the franchise is inevitable. After a while, the girls will settle down, and between their lives mellowing out and a need for more privacy, there just won’t be a need for the show anymore. Not to mention that they haven’t been “teens” for quite some time now. Maybe MTV will start a show with new girls, but the days of Farrah, Jenelle, Kailyn, and all of the original stars will be over someday. (Don’t cry too hard!)

Is this day coming sooner rather than later? From the looks of things, that might be the case. Fans have noticed how many spin-offs MTV has created in recent months, and with Amber, Maci, Chelsea, and Jenelle talking spinoffs, it looks like they might be securing their future on TV with the end of Teen Mom looming overhead.

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Credit: MTV