Mackenzie Standifer Insults Maci and Taylor in Her Wedding Invite

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Not cool, Mack

It seems like Maci’s romantic relationship with her ex Ryan was lifetimes ago. Now, these two seem to constantly be at odds with one another when it comes to co-parenting their son Bentley, especially as Ryan struggles to recover from his addiction to heroin. Luckily, both Maci and Ryan have found partners to whom they’re much better matched. Maci married the father of her second and third children, Taylor McKinnery, and Ryan married mother-of-one Mackenzie Standifer.

At first, Mackenzie and Maci got along great, and Maci was happy that Ryan had found his match. We all know that’s not the current status of their relationship! After Mackenzie’s accusations that Maci was exploiting Ryan’s addiction for television, Maci and Mackenzie haven’t quite seen eye-to-eye. Although they play nice in person, they reveal how they actually feel about one another behind closed doors.

Now, it looks like Mackenzie doesn’t even want to play nice to Maci’s face.

Although Mack and Ryan tied the knot months ago, they recently celebrated a formal wedding ceremony. The new husband and wife sent out their wedding invitations, but when Maci received hers, it was pretty clear that the bad blood was still brewing. In fact, Mackenzie may have completely insulted her just from the invitation alone.

maci looking down

Credit: MTV