Fans Are Convinced This ‘Teen Mom’ Star Is Pregnant!

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The family could be getting bigger!

Motherhood isn’t for everyone, but the cast of Teen Mom has made it pretty clear that it’s a very important aspect in their lives. After their first unexpected pregnancies, most of the cast went on to have numerous more children, some planned and some total surprises. In fact, Farrah Abraham is currently the only original cast member who has only had one child, now that Amber Portwood is pregnant!

That’s why it wouldn’t be surprising if this Teen Mom cast member confirmed that she is, in fact, pregnant. She’s been hinting at a pregnancy for a long time now, but fans couldn’t tell if she was simply teasing or actually committing to having another child. Now fans are completely convinced that she might already be pregnant, and this is the picture that tipped them off!

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Credit: MTV