Leah Messer Got a Tattoo on Her Eye!

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The tattoos of Teen Mom have always been a unique topic of discussion for fans. From Kailyn Lowry’s full sleeve tattoos to Maci’s colorful ink and Amber’s portrait of Leah, every time the girls get a new tattoo, it’s a change of their entire style.

That said, since many of the girls started getting tattoos while they were still young, they’re not all exactly works of art. Some of the cast members have opted for some pretty strange options that fans aren’t exactly in love with. But Leah’s tattoo may just take the cake for the most unique of ink anyone on the show.

Many of the cast members love to show off their tattoos at any opportunity, especially after they just had them completed. But not many people even noticed Leah’s new tattoo… because it’s on her eye!

leah messer

Source: Instagram @leahdawn92mtv