Glow-Up Alert: Leah Shuts Down Plastic Surgery Rumors!

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Talk about a glow-up!

All of the Teen Mom cast members have changed pretty significantly since their first appearances on the show. From plastic surgery to addictions to ever-changing relationships and new baby daddies, the Teen Moms have faced it all and come out on the other side as changed women — especially Leah Messer.

Leah has gone through some heartbreaking moments during her time on the show. Fans have watched as the star went through two divorces as well as treatment for depression and anxiety. Add all that to the fact that she’s navigating how to best raise a daughter with muscular dystrophy on her own, and she’s really had a rough go.

But the mother-of-three’s recent transformation has fans absolutely shocked. They think she might have even gone under the knife! Considering how she started on the show, some fans think her recent look renders her completely unrecognizable.

leah messer

Credit: MTV