Leah Spills the Truth About Drug Use and Her Time in Treatment!

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She's giving the truth!

Leah Messer has had more than her share of troubles in her life. Right now, she is a strong and single mother of three, completing her college degree and pursuing a profession as a motivational speaker ― she’s even promoting a new makeup line! That said, things weren’t always so stable for Leah. Anyone who’s followed her journey on Teen Mom knows that she’s had a seriously rocky past.

Things got difficult for Leah the moment she found out she was pregnant by her boyfriend of only one month! When she discovered that she was pregnant with twins, her path became even more difficult. At 25 years old, Leah is now a mother to three little girls, and has two divorces under her belt. One of those splits was due in part to accusations that Leah had engaged in cheating and drug use.

For many, it’s been an “open secret” that Leah was addicted to painkillers during her relationship to Jeremy Calvert. She went away into treatment, and although she claimed that it was for anxiety, many believed that she was going into rehabilitation for an addiction. Now, Leah is opening up about what really happened while she was in treatment, and spilling the truth about all of the drug rumors.

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