Kailyn Lowry Lands New Show Amid Fears of ‘Teen Mom’ Cancellation

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She has a fallback in case of the worst!

The Teen Mom world moves very quickly. Within a week’s time, it went from an award-winning show with millions of followers to potentially on the chopping block for cancellation. The cast members have found success as reality stars for almost ten years now, and while this has put a lot of money into their pockets, their busy schedules haven’t given them much time to develop backup plans. Teen Mom has to end one of these days, but some of the Moms might not be prepared for the financial changes when the show ends.

Now, it seems the end may be much closer than fans originally thought. With cast members getting fired — and some even suing the network — fans have every reason to believe that this season may be the last for the much beloved show. It looks like the cast themselves agree, and may even be trying to grab for back-up gigs when the seemingly inevitable cancellation finally comes.

Kailyn Lowry has always been business-minded, and so it’s no surprise that she’s already got a plan in mind. She’s just announced that she’s landed a new spin-off, so she should be prepared if the show gets the axe!

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