Leah Messer Opens Up About Harrowing Knife Violence Experience on ‘Teen Mom’ Set!

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A Frightening Experience!

Even though the Teen Mom stars engage each other on social media almost nonstop, there are really only a few times every year that they meet in person. Aside from close friends like Kailyn and Leah or Amber, Maci, and Catelynn who will occasionally take trips together, the majority of the cast’s lives are spent separate from their co-stars. It’s no wonder that when they do meet up, tensions can run pretty high.

However, at the most recent Teen Mom 2 New Year’s “Wrap Party” filming, things took an unexpected turn. Even for Teen Mom, things got legitimately scary, and now Leah is opening up. This time, it wasn’t simply fightin’ words that Leah and her co-stars faced off with! No, this time someone pulled a knife…

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Credit: MTV