‘Teen Mom’ Star SUING MTV for $5 Million – Read the Shocking Court Documents!

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She's furious!

Even though MTV is technically the employer of all of the Teen Mom cast members, as the cast makes a name for themselves, they have begun to hold their own against the network. The girls have come to realize how much money they bring in for MTV, and have picked fights or even threatened to quit if they didn’t get their way. But it’s a delicate balance they hold, because they could lose their jobs if they push things too far.

Farrah Abraham has learned that the hard way. After her engagement in the adult entertainment industry and her treatment of the show’s producers, MTV has apparently had enough of her. They’ve officially discharged her from her role on Teen Mom OG. Of course, no one thought for even a second that Farrah would take the news lying down.

Farrah isn’t going to stop this battle until it’s over, and now she’s hitting MTV where it hurts: their pockets. She’s attempting to sue the network for $5 million after claiming she’s been wrongfully terminated by the network.

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