Jenelle Slams Kailyn and Chelsea With Cease and Desist Letters!

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She's shutting it down!

When you’re in the Teen Mom cast, you spend a lot of your time battling people. Whether it’s custody battles, parent battles, or even battles with the media, the girls spend a huge amount of time fighting with others to make sure they get what they (and their children) deserve… and sometimes, just to make sure their image isn’t tarnished.

But some of the girls seem to fight a lot more than the others, and Jenelle Evans is one of them. She’s been caught numerous times on film screaming at her friends, her family, and her baby daddies, and that’s just the beginning. Jenelle also keeps up some inflammatory ongoing battles via her often-deleted social media.

Now, it looks like Jenelle is trying to put a stop to the fighting… or maybe encourage it to flare up even more! Now, she’s slapped cease and desist letters on her co-stars, warning them not to defame her or speak about her in a negative way!

jenelle v kailyn

Credit: MTV