No Joke: Jenelle Actually Might Quit ‘Teen Mom’

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Is she really going to leave?!

Jenelle Evans vs. MTV is shaping up to be the fight of the century. After a recent episode aired, Jenelle was furious with the way that she was portrayed on the television show. She claimed that it misrepresented her as well as her relationship with her husband David and their children.

It’s not the first time that Jenelle, or any other cast members for that matter, has been angry about the way she was edited. But this might just be the instance that pushes Jenelle over the edge.

We all knew that the Teen Mom 2 stars wouldn’t be on the show forever, but is the end drawing near for Jenelle? Although she’s threatened to quit in the past, now it looks like she may really be leaving the show for good.

jenelle crying

Credit: MTV