Jenelle Accused of Putting Ensley in Harm’s Way for a Photoshoot!

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Did she risk Ensley for a cute picture?

Recent events that aired on Teen Mom 2 have fans concerned about the safety in Jenelle and David’s household. Officially married, these two have custody of Jenelle’s children Kaiser, Jace, and Ensley, as well as David’s daughter Maryssa. As more of their interactions as husband and wife are shown on the air, fans have become increasingly nervous about how safe their children really are in their home.

After the recent episode “Love You, Mean It” aired, fans have been circulating the hashtag #SaveKaiser because of the way the three-year-old was treated during the episode. Many fans were concerned about the way David grabbed him by the arm and walked him back to his play set. Many more were shocked to see Kaiser scream “feed me!” as his mother and step-father focused on trying to get the perfect shot for their save-the-date wedding announcement.

Jenelle has denied rumors that David is abusing her or the kids in any way, and even threatened to quit the show over the incident, claiming that MTV has edited the events to make them look worse than they really are. These events have caused fans to be extra aware of what the environment is like on “The Land.”

Now, a recent photoshoot of Ensley has many extremely worried about the newborn’s safety in her mother’s care. Many are accusing Evans of putting her daughter in harm’s way just to get a good picture.


Source: Instagram @j_evans1219