Jenelle Photoshopped Ensley’s Head to Cover Up Her Health Problems?!

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Would she go this far?

Like many of the Teen Mom cast members when they have an unplanned pregnancy, Jenelle Evans tried her best to keep her third pregnancy a secret. But as she began to show more and more, it became unavoidable to announce that she was expecting a third! Now, it’s been almost a year since Ensley was born, and she’s grown up quite a lot since she was mommy’s little secret.

As more time has passed since her birth, Ensley’s health has come into question. After Nathan Griffith’s mother Doris filed for custody of Kaiser, she made serious accusations against the Easons ― including a story about Jenelle smoking marijuana all through her pregnancy. If this were true, it could have some serious consequences for baby Ensley’s health.

Like her co-stars posts pictures of her children on Instagram at every opportunity. There’s no question as to why: she has some absolutely adorable children. That said, one of her recent updates struck some as a little strange. In fact many of her fans have accused her of altering recent pictures of Ensley to cover up her daughter’s health complications.

jenelle and ensley

Source: Instagram @j_evans1219