Fake Fired? Jenelle and David Claim MTV Never Really Fired Them for Homophobic Rant!

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What's going on with them?!

There’s nothing that makes news in the Teen Mom community like a firing. When Farrah Abraham was fired, fans were shocked, and many didn’t even believe it. It was only a few months later that the Teen Mom cast was hit with another loss. After going off on a homophobic tirade on Twitter, Jenelle’s new husband David Eason was given the boot as well… Or was he?

Even though it seems that every outlet including MTV has confirmed that David was fired, David himself is denying this update. On top of that, he’s making it perfectly clear that he’s not sorry for his comments on the LGBTQ community, and that he doesn’t even really know what it is!

jenelle and david eason

Source: Instagram @j_evans1219