Javi Admits He’s “Not Ready to Let Go” of Kailyn!

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He says he wants to make it work!

By the time Kailyn Lowry started taping Teen Mom 2, she had already broken up with her first baby daddy Jo Rivera. From there, she had some serious hardships in her dating life… and, to be fair, dating someone new while still living in your first baby daddy’s house is the definition of complicated. It’s totally not her fault.

Soon, Kailyn’s life began to stablize. When she met Javi, fans were convinced that she had finally found the one. Javi locked it down quickly, and the two walked down the aisle shortly after starting their relationship. Soon after, Kailyn gave birth to her second son, Lincoln. For once in Kailyn’s life, things seemed to be working out perfectly.

As we all know, that didn’t last for very long. After only a few years of marriage, Javi and Kailyn’s relationship took a sharp turn for the worse. They began to fight over having more children, and the frustrations of Javi’s deployment sealed the deal. The two split in one of the messiest divorces Teen Mom 2 has ever seen, but anyone who’s gone through a breakup knows that there are often lingering feelings even after the relationship comes to an end…

Kailyn has long since moved. The Mom recently given birth to another man’s child. Javi has moved on too, starting a very public relationship with co-star Briana DeJesus… or has he? In a new update to the wild tale of Javi and Kail’s relationship, Javi confessed that he might not be ready to let go of Kailyn.

javi in tears hugging kailyn

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