Kailyn “Seriously Struggling” With Romantic Feelings For Javi

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This must be so hard for Kail!

It’s official: Javi Marroquin is seeing someone new. But unlike his most recent ex, Lauren Comeau, Javi is keeping it in the Teen Mom 2 family. The star officially announced that he was dating co-star Briana DeJesus earlier this week! In the meantime, Kailyn has been flirting with someone new on Twitter, but is she just trying to cover up her lingering feelings for Javi.

Seeing your ex move on is never easy, especially when they put everything about their relationship out for all the world to see — and it’s headline news! Even though Kailyn seems to have moved on as well, it looks like there might be something she’s keeping a secret. Could Kail still be struggling to get over her feelings for Javi, even though she’s trying to move on?

kailyn lowry crying

Credit: MTV