‘Teen Mom’ Star Pulled off the Show After David’s Firing: Is This Jenelle’s Last Season?

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No more Easons!

Even though the show started off following pregnant 16 year olds, calling it Teen Mom is something of a misnomer these days. After all, the entire cast is at least in their early 20’s, and many are closer to 30 than they are to 16! With their ages steadily rising, many fans have begun to wonder: just how much longer will this show be on the air?

It seems like for Jenelle Evans, there may not be much more in store when it comes to her Teen Mom 2 fame. With her husband recently fired from the show after his homophobic rampage, it appears that Jenelle may simply be deciding when to make her exit.

Now that exit seems sooner than ever as she’s pulling back from the show with this unexpected decision. Is Jenelle’s stardom on the line, or is the entire show about to get pulled off the air?

jenelle crying

Credit: MTV