Fans Slam Farrah for Posting Inappropriate Picture of Sophia

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Fans think this picture took it too far!

When your celebrity status comes from what age you first had your child, the way that you treat that child is always going to be the focus of your fans. No matter what else you do, whether it’s starting a new business or starring in an adult video, people will always focus on your relationship with your child. That’s something that the Teen Mom cast members have come to realize through their time on the show.

When it comes to Farrah Abraham, it’s clear she’ll do anything to make Sophia happy… but that doesn’t mean she’s always going to do right by the fans. Sometimes, she gets majorly called out on her parenting decisions. Now, she’s being slammed by fans for the way she clothed Sophia during their travels.

farrah in italy

Source: Instagram @farrah__abraham