Cameras Caught Farrah’s Meltdown When She Was “Fake” Fired!

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She lost it!

Farrah Abraham would probably be the first to admit that she is something of a drama magnet. From her venomous feuds with her parents to her explosive relationship with her on-and-off boyfriend Simon Saran to her scandalous activity in the adult entertainment industry, she’s had her fair share of controversy. But she may have topped even her own drama when she recently announced that she had been fired from Teen Mom OG a few weeks ago!

Until now, all of the events have been from Farrah’s point of view. MTV and Viacom have kept suspiciously quiet about the so-called “fake firing” incident for which Farrah blasted them publicly. Now, both sides of the story are about to surface, since the entire incident was captured on camera — Farrah’s meltdown included!

farrah abraham crying in bed

Credit: MTV