With Jenelle Back on Twitter, Fans Flood Her With Concerns Over Ensley’s Health!

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Fans are worried!

With the second part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion set to air next Monday, the cast must be relieved to get a temporary break from the spotlight. For once, their moves won’t be filmed and analyzed for all of the world to see, and they can have a bit of privacy for a few months before filming for the next season starts. However, the stars can’t rest too easy. Just because their season isn’t currently airing doesn’t mean no one is following the drama in their lives!

Social media plays a big part in this year-round cycle of drama that populates the Teen Mom world. Since fans are still given a glimpse into the girls’ lives just from their snaps and updates there’s almost as much drama to follow during the hiatus as when the show is airing. Jenelle Evans decided to (try to) dodge the drama by deleting her Twitter after abuse allegations, but most fans theorized that she wouldn’t be off of Twitter forever.

Surprise! The fans were right. Jenelle recently reopened her Twitter account for business, and she’s been getting a lot of feedback from fans. Even though the mother-of-three gets a decent amount of hate on any one of her posts, she’s recently been flooded with comments about one topic in particular: the health of her daughter, Ensley.

Fans are sounding off to Jenelle with their concerns for her newborn daughter, even accusing her of overlooking serious problems.

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