Fans Call Out MTV for Fabricating Maci’s Drug and Custody Storylines

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Something's fishy!

Despite its humble beginnings, MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and spin-offs Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 have gone on to be a huge success for the network. Millions of viewers tune in every week to see what their favorite cast members are up to, to cheer them on in their times of need, and revel in their successes. However, there’s one thing that keeps fans coming back repeatedly to see what happened every week: the drama.

There’s a certain amount of drama that comes just from becoming pregnant at 16, but as the girls have grown and matured, a few of them have stopped delivering constant drama since they’ve married good partners, gotten stable jobs, and learned to parent like pros. As any reality star viewer knows, though, no drama means a pretty boring TV show.

But would MTV go as far as to fabricate an entire story just to keep viewers interested? It seems that might be part of what’s going on with regards to Maci’s drug battle with her ex Ryan Edwards. No matter how you slice it, something about this storyline just doesn’t add up.

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