Inside Ryan Edwards’ $10,000 Per Week Drug Habit

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A serious addiction

It’s an unfortunate truth that drug addiction is a common part of Teen Mom. Because the show captures the reality of what happens to girls after their teenage pregnancies, it hasn’t shied away from showing some of the uglier aspects of the star’s lives. From following alongside Jenelle Evans’ struggle with heroin addiction to Catelynn Lowell admitting her dependency on marijuana, many of the mothers have experienced substance abuse firsthand. Meanwhile, some of the other Moms had to be there to help those closest to them through addictions.

Maci Bookout has been co-parenting with Ryan Edwards ever since they split up following their son’s birth. Not long after, Ryan began using drugs and developed a heavy reliance on various substances. After long term denial, Ryan sought treatment in a rehab center, with Maci is continually pushing him to recover for their son. His issues were always just on the periphery of the Teen Mom cameras’ prying eyes.

Until now, that is. It wasn’t previously clear just how serious Ryan’s problem was. His drug use was mentioned now and then during the show, but it was never revealed just how serious his addiction was.

Many were shocked to find out the extent of Ryan’s addiction at his low point… and just how expensive it was.

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Credit: MTV